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Pediatric Chiropractic in Toms River

Our fast-paced, synthetic society isn’t good for children’s health. As kids spend less time outside and more time on screens, improper posture takes a toll, creating health issues in children that used to only show up in adulthood. Our world is becoming so toxic that even small children are exposed to far more toxins than our parents and grandparents growing up.

At Family First Chiropractic, we’re tackling the crisis in children’s health head-on with natural pediatric care that offers you an alternative to prescriptions and medical interventions for your kids. We’ll educate you on how to make healthy habits part of your family’s everyday routine, and keep your kids moving so they can thrive.

Giving Kids the Best Health Possible

The earlier children start chiropractic care, the better. The first subluxation, or misalignment in the spine, usually occurs during childbirth. Babies are supposed to be caught as they come out, not pulled or twisted. Unfortunately, both babies born naturally and those delivered by C-section tend to experience a lot of trauma to their necks during the birth process.

Many symptoms and conditions that people have had their whole lives or assume must be genetic actually started due to the physical trauma of birth, which puts stress on the nervous system. Bringing your baby in for a check-up gives us the chance to make sure everything looks okay and correct imbalances early, before they can hold your child back.

Whole-Body Benefits of Care

There are a million reasons why kids should get adjusted. Chiropractic care has all the same health benefits for kids that are true for adults. As toddlers start crawling, walking, and jumping around, Dr. Rob ensures they’re developing with proper curves in their spine, without the trauma of falls and injuries piling up.

Our care can even help with anxiety and stress. There’s plenty of evidence to support that a nervous system cleared of stress has positive emotional benefits.

Invest in Your Child’s Health Today

We’re committed to helping you achieve maximum health. Start your child’s journey toward wellness now!

Pediatric Chiropractic Toms River NJ | (732) 349-1122

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