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Chiropractic Care

The chiropractic adjustment is the centerpiece of our practice. Our patients love getting adjusted, because our adjustments feel great and produce all-natural results.

We choose from various adjusting techniques. That way, we can best match your age, condition, and unique spinal problem. This allows us to help anyone, such as newborns recovering from a traumatic birth, car accident victims, or seniors who want to stay active and be their best.

Our Techniques


Our Diversified adjusting approach is the most popular. This traditional hands-on manipulation combines the best elements from various chiropractic techniques. We find the full-spine approach helpful for most adults with traditional neck and pain issues.

Activator Method®

Some of our patients refer to this spring-loaded handheld instrument as a “clicker.” There’s a lot more to this device than just a noise! It delivers a quick, repeatable, and precise force that’s extra gentle and comfortable. We often use this instrument with our older patients or when adjusting wrists, knees, and other non-spinal joints.


Sacro Occipital Technique is also known as blocking. Instead of using the typical thrusting commonly used in chiropractic, we place small wedges under you as you’re lying on our adjusting table. By gently lifting strategic areas between your head and pelvis, we give gravity the chance to shift your spine.


The ArthroStim is a handheld instrument that delivers 12-14 pulses in just one second. The resulting snowball effect reduces the amount of energy needed to make the adjustment, and is great for areas that are difficult to reach.

Cold Laser

We use this high-tech tool for almost everyone, especially cases of muscle problems, soft tissue damage, or inflammation. Our laser emits a special wavelength of the light spectrum that enhances the healing process.

Infrared Light Therapy

Similar to a laser, infrared light uses a different wavelength to speed up the healing of soft tissues. Many patients love relaxing for a few minutes under its gentle warmth.

Helping You Enjoy Adjustments

Let us know if you have a preferred adjusting style. We’re proficient in most adjusting approaches. We want you to enjoy your visits and get the best care possible.

Speaking of visits, we’re often asked how many visits it will take. It depends. Dr. Rob doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach. Every care plan is different, based on your individual needs.

Schedule Your Appointment

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