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Wellness Services in Toms River

In addition to our standard chiropractic and nutritional services, we offer a range of additional offerings to ensure that you are receiving care consistent with a holistic philosophy of health.

From time to time, we may recommend these relaxing, effective “extras” as part of your treatment plan. We also have many patients who come to the office just to use these highly sought after wellness resources.

Detox Footbath: Ion Therapy

Our footbath isn’t just relaxing–it is designed and developed to restore the body’s balance and energy levels through exposure to an ion field. Healthy indivduals often feel more energetic after these short treatments. Patients with pain, gout, headaches, swollen joints and more report immediate relief from our Ion Therapy System.

Lipo-Light Weight Loss

Looking to drop the extra pounds without painful surgery or dangerous medication? We have partnered up with Lipo-Light Weight Loss of Toms River to bring you just that. In addition to these comfortable treatments located right within our main office, we encourage you to take advantage of our Paleo Plus nutrition plan for even faster results.

Alkalized, Ionized Water System

Our bodies function best at a slightly alkaline pH of 7.4, but there are many acid-forming activities and foods that make it difficult for the body to perform at its peak. The good news is, you can reverse the effects of an acidic environment simply by drinking alkalized, ionized and filtered water. Hospitals from around the world have been using this water for many years, and now you can reap the benefits right in your own home. Whether you choose to keep a system in your home or sign up for our Water Club (more on this below), you can:

  • Reduce chances of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoperosis.
  • Cleanse your fruits and vegetables of harmful pesticides
  • Restore the electrical charge to your red blood cells
  • Gain energy
  • Reduce joint pains and headaches
  • Kill acne-forming bacteria on the skin

These are just some of the amazing results the water produces. To learn more, go to and make an account. Your information will not be shared with anyone but Dr. Rob himself. You can also stop by our office or attend one of our office demos.

Shockwave Therapy

If you’ve been sidelined by chronic pain and are looking for a drug-free, non-surgical way to get relief, we offer shockwave therapy at Family First Chiropractic.

Shockwave therapy promotes healing by focusing high-energy waves on areas afflicted by chronic pain. This therapy can effectively manage persistent inflammation and discomfort by improving blood flow and vessel growth, encouraging collagen production, and expediting cell growth and tissue repair.

Water Club

For those who do not yet have a water system in their home but are still interested in the benefits of using the water, fill up your jugs from our in-house water system for a flat monthly fee.



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