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Cold Laser Therapy in Toms River

No matter who you are, you could probably benefit from cold laser therapy. Dr. Rob uses this therapy on almost every patient, as the body responds well to coherent light. Better yet, it’s safe. In 50 years of clinical use, laser therapy hasn’t produced any side effects, making this a go-to therapy for patients of all ages and health conditions.

The Healing Power of Light

At Family First Chiropractic, we use this therapy on any health problem that involves tight muscles and inflamed joints. By giving the cells more energy, we help soft tissues heal themselves more efficiently.

Dr. Rob has taken many seminars to improve his knowledge and technique, so you get better results than you’ll find at other clinics. We’ve learned, for example, that our patients receive maximum benefit when we move the laser around for short periods of time, rather than leaving it in one place for a while.

That’s because the laser reaches maximum effectiveness shortly after it hits an affected area. After about two minutes, it won’t do any harm, but it has diminishing returns. We keep light therapy always working at the max, so your cells can soak up every bit of energy possible and you feel even better, even faster.

What to Expect

We’ll explain every step of what we’re doing while you’re on the table, so you understand your condition and each technique we use in response. Even though you can’t feel anything as the light shines on your body, it’s making big changes under the surface, and we want you to know how it works.

You can choose this service alone or together with regular chiropractic care. This therapy is great for patients with spinal fusions or prior surgeries. We can adjust above and below the affected area, then use laser in the spots we can’t adjust for no-impact care.

Step Into Wellness Today

We’ve helped countless patients reclaim their lives and their wellness. Will you be next? Schedule now.

Cold Laser Therapy Toms River NJ | (732) 349-1122

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