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Detoxification in Toms River

patient getting a footbathAmericans take in about 8 lbs. of airborne pollution each year. In the Northeast, even on the shore, it’s probably more. Add to that, the pesticides in our foods. And the chemicals and drug residues in our water.

It places quite a burden on our body.

Reducing these toxins is essential if you hope to enjoy optimum health.

The Ion Therapy Detox Footbath

Ionic footbath cleansing is a unique form of body purification used at Family First Chiropractic. We’re able to stimulate the excretion of various toxins through the soles of your feet.

Your feet have thousands of sweat glands. (Take a whiff of some well-used sneakers!) It makes your feet a natural gateway for the elimination of the many toxins stored in your body.

What to Expect From An Ionic Footbath

Our footbath isn’t just relaxing. Most of our patients report a general sense of well being following their footbath. Some have mentioned better energy, a sense of calm and sharper concentration.

How will you respond?

How An Ionic Detox Footbath Works

You’ll place your bare feet in the footbath liquid of distilled water and sea salt. Using the process of electrolysis, the water is charged with positive and negative ions.

Toxins in your blood have an electrical charge as well. As they circulate in your foot, they are attracted by the opposite charge in the water. This draws them out of your body into the water.

You’ll see the water change color. Often a dirty rust color. Sometimes this toxic concoction may have a less-than-pleasant odor.

Better that it’s in the water-than in you!

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Will a Ionic Foot Bath Detox help you sleep better, enjoy better blood oxygenation and clear up your skin? Find out by booking your visit today.


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