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New Patient Reviews

I was very pleased with my visit

I was very pleased with my visit this morning. Dr. Bischoff explained everything very well and in detail that was easy to understand. In today’s busy world, many doctors are in a hurry to get their patients in and out…but it did not appear to be the case in this office. I have to admit that I am the one that is usually in a rush, but I was very interested in hearing what Dr. Bischoff had to say and I think he is a keeper!

-Deborah C.

So Professional & Helpful

We had such angst about finding a practitioner in a new environment. We’ve been going to our chiropractor for over 20 years so we just felt anxious about our search. Dr. Bishoff is so professional, helpful. He explained Jack’s new modality for his disc problem so well that we are so at ease and confident. God’s hand was truly in our search. We are blessed.

-Mary C.

Regaining My Excellent Health

Dr. Rob gave me a lot of hope and I have full confidence in him. I look forward to regaining my excellent health with his help. He took the time to explain his treatment plans to me and was also helpful giving me his thoughts on why I am in such pain.

-Smith D.

I Have Full Faith

I trust Dr. Rob with my own health and I know that chiropractic care helps me stay regulated in many other ways aside from simple spinal alignment. I also send my own clients to him when they need chiropractic care. I have full faith in him and his staff to provide excellent patient care.

-Andrea M., MSW, LSW

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