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Toms River Nutrition

Good nutrition is an essential component to having a truly healthy, functioning body. While there are some general guidelines to follow, every body is unique and has individual needs. That means that the best nutritional guide for you will be based off of a personalized evaluation and customized to suit you.

At Family First, we’ve already put in the work to identify the best, most successful practices when it comes to holistic nutrition. Let us show you how to benefit from our findings.

Paleo Plus: A Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

If you’re struggling with your weight, or simply feel like it’s time to take control of your diet, we invite you to participate in our highly successful, guided nutritional program. After identifying your personal goals and nutritional profile, we will work together to make sure you stay on track and keep the weight off. Some of the highlights of our plan are:

  • Fast results: 25-50 days
  • Incorporates effective, empirically supported Paleo diet
  • Re-programs your brain to work with you instead of against you
  • Includes comprehensive list of menu suggestions and approved foods

Nutritional Evaluation: ZYTO scanZyto Scan

Your nutritional profile is as unique as you are. Your body knows what it needs, and we know how to listen. In addition to filling out a detailed intake form, we will also perform a ZYTO biocommunication scan. This is as simple as placing your palm on the device and allowing your body to react to the subtle energetic impulses. The ZYTO records these responses and helps us map out your treatment plan.

Supplements: Our Promise

We believe in quality and transparency when it comes to our dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies. We use two main suppliers at our office: Nutri-West and King Bio. We are always testing and evaluating new products and welcome you to ask any questions about the science behind their efficacy.

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